Gutshot Straight


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 14%
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Stephen Lang as Duffy
Tia Carrere as Leanne
Steven Seagal as Paulie Trunks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jimlacy2003 7 / 10

Better than expected

I didn't know what to expect with this movie. Maybe having little expectation is why I liked it.

First of all it had a pretty good variety of good/known actors. Stephen Lang (Sargent guy from Avatar), Ted Levine (The Silence of the Lambs), even Tia Carrere and Steven Seagal have an appearance.

Although the hat was a little silly. Really who wears a hat like that these days? I know, I suppose it was to add character.

Not fantastic, but not that bad either. Definitely a notch above the average at least.

With out giving anything away, the film had a nice dark film noir feel to it. This movie might be sort of a sleeper, I bet it will gain popularity in a few years..

It might not have many reviews, and, a lot of them might not be great but I'd recommend it to anyhow who likes noir/mystery/dark style!

Reviewed by leonblackwood 3 / 10

Lost interest after a while! 3/10

Review: After looking at the poster for this film, I thought that it would be half decent but none of the big actors are actually in the film that much. The film is about a professional gambler called Jack Daniel, played by George Eads, whose approached by a man in a casino with a proposition that is hard to pass up. With all of his debts piling up, Jack calls the guy and ends up spending the whole night with him, in a strip bar and then he goes back to his house and finds out that all is not what it seems. After a bad accident, he ends up in deep trouble so he turns to Seagal for help, who he owes money to. This is one of those cheap movies which has a terrible storyline. The director had loads of chances to make it interesting but the whole concept was just too unrealistic. The acting wasn't that great and it seemed to go round and round in circles. On the plus side, it's quite short so it gets right on with it from the beginning but it goes nowhere fast and I got fed up with it after a while. Disappointing!

Round-Up: After watching a couple of Seagal movies lately, I thought that I would give his films a chance but they all seem cheap and badly put together. It seems like Seagal, Vinnie Jones, Danny Trejo, Ving Rhymes Christian Slater, Cuba Gooding Jr etc, all use the same agent because they all make the same type of, straight to DVD, low budget movies that are quite bad. There must be an audience that actually enjoy these films because they do produce a lot of them but I personally only watch them for a laugh because they are so awful. Anyway, I thought that this was going to be about gambling, with loads of violence but it was just about a man who has to get himself out of a tricky situation. Seagals scenes weren't bad but I won't be watching it again in a hurry.

I recommend this movie to people who are into their thrillers about a gambler who ends up in a impossible situation after sleeping with a sketchy man's wife. 3/10

Reviewed by charlesbeutt 5 / 10

Movie pretty good until the point when....

...when a down on his luck, massively in debt, guy turns down a hot woman and 50,000$ to mate with said woman.

Then more silliness as the husband of said hot woman, pulls a huge gun and tries TO FORCE them to have sex.

No explanation of realism in the decisions made...add in the "accidental death" and you got plenty of tired clichés.

The movie was pretty good until then, plenty of friendly banter, some mystery, some drama. Wives in movies are always crazy apparently lol.

I wouldve rated higher if the plot was better work wasn't that bad.

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